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There are obviously many types of bugs in Florida but thankfully most of them are rarely seen and offer no irritation at all.


Probably the most annoying are the Mosquitoes. These bloodsuckers are also disease carriers, such as Encephalitis, Malaria, West Nile Virus although these are quite rare. Areas around Disney World are monitored by "Sentries", these are chickens in coups in the wooded areas and if any of die suddenly they are checked to see if it is one of the diseases mentioned above. If it is then disney spray more of there property than usual to try and eliminate the population of mozzies. They also close water parks before dusk as this is a time that they tend to feed on us more.

It is only the females that bite as they need the blood to lay their eggs. They congregate more near standing water as this is where they breed.

Some Precautions.
Use a Mosquito repellant that contains DEET (NN-diethyl-meta-toluamide). Most of the other ones are pretty much useless. A good alternative to DEET is Crocodile® and it is available directly from the company. It contains all natural products.
Stay inside, avoid early morning, dusk and evenings .
If you do venture outside, wear long trousers and cover your arms. Although they can bite anytime of the year it does seem to be worst in the Fall (Autumn)


Love Bugs

Lovebugs are a nuisance but do not harm you. They just do what comes naturally to them in midair, hence the name lovebugs! The air can be quite thick with them at times. Because of their sexy antics they do not fly too well and lumber about the sky often into oncoming traffic and and leave a difficult to remove mess. Tip: To remove them from your car bodywork try water and a fabric softener sheet such as Bounce or Snuggle. You will only see them from April and May and again in September and October.


Also known as "Sand Fleas" these can be a real nuisance in the late evening or early morning on beaches, especially in the summer or early fall. These bugs are barely visible hence the name. They don't actually bite or sting you it is just the acid in their bodily secretions on your skin. I must admit that I have always visited Florida in late september and through the Winter months and have never been bothered by them.


That is about the only bugs you see in Florida on a large scale.

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