Orlando Florida Travel Tips: The Magic Kingdom

We have gathered together some travel tips for visiting The magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida.

  1. Having your photo taken whilst on vacation is always nice. Now when you arrive at any of the theme parks and have your picture taken you will be given a photo card. Use this card everytime someone takes your picture and it gets added. You can view and download them online when you return for up to 28 days.

  2. Every fancied watching "Wishes" the Magic Kingdom Fireworh display away from the heavy crowds? Why not combine it with your evening meal. Book a meal at The California Grill, on top of the Contempory Hotel, at the time of "Wishes" the lights go out in the restaurant and the voice of Jiminy Cricket is heard over the speaker system as you get an excellent view of the fireworks.

  3. If you are staying at MK till the park closes after the fireworks. You will be exiting at the same time as thousands of other guests. You will see, to the left, huge lines for the Disney transportation & the Ferry Boat and to the right the Monorail lines are way down the ramp for the transportation and ticket centre (TTC). Which is where you left your car. One line that is very sparse is the monorail to the "Disney Resorts". Take this monorail, you will board it very quickly. First Stop Contempory Resort, second stop TTC! You will be in your car and on your way whilst others are still trying to make it back to the TTC. Because the sign reads to "Disney Resorts" Folks don't think to use that one.

  4. If it is your Birthday or Anniversary, visit Guest Services when you enter the park and tell them. They will give you or whoever's birthday it is a pin/badge to wear saying "Today is my birthday" . You be amazed at the amount of cast members wishing you a happy birthday. Even the barbershop quartet will sing happy birthday to you too!

  5. If you are not interested in watching the parade, make sure you are where you want to be when the parade starts as getting around the kingdome during this time is very difficult!

  6. To view the Wishes Fireworks in MK don't position yourself in front of Cinderellas Castle as the fireworks are let off from behind the castle and you wont see much at all.

  7. A good place to watch "Spectromagic Parade" and "Wishes" is the balcony at the Train Staion above the entrance to the Park. If you get there early enough you can get the chairs and tables.

  8. When arriving or departing the Magic Kingdom by Monorail you may be able to sit up front with the driver. Especially when it is not so busy. Ask a Cast Member at the station.

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