Orlando Florida Flights

Flights from the UK.
There are many flight from the UK to Florida every day, both Chartered and Scheduled. Quite a few airlines operate these routes, not just British companies.

British Airlines. (Scheduled)
British Airways
Virgin Atlantic

Airlines that fly from the UK
to MCO Orlando Int Airport

Aer Lingus
American Airlines (Indirect)
Continental Airlines (Direct when code sharing with Virgin)
Delta Airlines (Indirect)
Condor Airlines

Airlines that fly from the UK
to Sanford Int Airport (SFD)

First Choice
Fly Globespan
Fly Thomas Cook
XL Airways (Travel City Direct)
Monarch Airlines
Thompson Fly

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Flight times to Florida vary depending on the Airline and the routes taken. All of the US carriers fly to a hub in the US such as Atlanta and then on to Orlando, so the time of the journey depends on the stopover time in the US.

Generally speaking for direct flights such as Virgin Atlantic and BA the duration of the flight is a little over 9 hours. Other factors are involved such as route and head winds. I have crossed in less than 9 hours but never less than 8. The return flight from Orlando back to the UK can be a lot quicker as the Jet Stream travels from West to East and these aircraft use this to their advantage. The quickest I have flown from Orlando is 6 hrs 50 minutes. The only down side to these quick flights is that they can be a little bumpy.

The routes:
Virgin Atlantic flying Boeing 747 - series 4. Having 4 engines allow them to fly further from land and on some flights I have flown straight out over the Atlantic crossing over Bermuda and the down to Florida. Most of the time I have flown North over Ireland and up off the coast of Greenland making landfall at Nova Scotia Canada. Then sometimes we have flown down the Eastern Seaboard to Florida, sometimes over land giving some wonderful views of the Massachusetts Coast over Cape Cod and so on. Virgin almost always fly over the Kennedy Space Center on their way in to Orlando.

BA more often than not follow routes never far from land, North close to Iceland, Greenland and Northern Canada. This will be the same for most twin engined aircraft.

The return routes are very similar I can only really speak for Virgin as this is the airline that I use. This is really dependant on the weather and where the Jet Stream is I have flown up the Eastern Seaboard as far as New York and then out over the Atlantic to join the Jet Stream, next sighting of land is Devon and Coming in over Southampton to join the stack for Gatwick. The arrival time at Gatwick coincides with many other aircraft and can be quite busy and a few times we have had circle over Brighton and wait for our turn to join run in for landing. It is quite something to see, only if it is light though, you can see other aircraft in the distance and aircraft passing underneath you.

US Airlines:
If you choose to fly with an American airline then you will fly to a hub where you first enter the United States. It could be Newark, JFK, Atlanta or even Dallas. This is where you will be processed for immigration and it can be quite useful because when you get to Orlando you just go straight to luggage claim and pick up your car. The thing is your traveling time will be longer something around 12 hrs. One thing to watch out for with airlines that you have to make a connection with is that you ensure there is enough time between flights. You only have to be delayed for an hour in the UK and maybe encounter some head winds. It could cut your stop over time quite badly.

Buying your Flights:
Where's the best place to get flights? This is a difficult question to answer as it changes all the time. I have booked direct with Virgin and got the best deals in the past, especially when they have a sale. The last rate I paid for economy was £340 including all taxes. I booked in January to go in October, when a sale was on, this year they only had the dates available to May so things have changed there. I also recommend going through a broker they have access to flights from many airlines and can sometimes come up with a good deal.

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