Orlando Florida Travel Tips: EPCOT

We have gathered together some travel tips for visiting EPCOT, Orlando, Florida.

  1. Club Cool, formally Ice Station Cool is sponsored by Coca Cola and has free samples of different soft drinks from around the world. Some are an acquired taste though!

  2. When staying to watch "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth" the nightly firework show (Not to be missed), if there is any wind make sure you stand upwind as there can be quite a of of smoke. I tend to watch from between the Countries of Canada and Mexico. As this affords a quicker exit. You need to reserve a space a good hour before the show starts.

  3. If you return to EPCOT for the fireworks after visiting elsewhere, there will be no parking guides there to direct you. Take advantage of this by driving as close to the entrance as possible and take a parking space left by someone you has left the park. This will make it an easy short walk once the park is closed, saving you from waiting for a tram.

  4. If you have been visiting another park but want to go to EPCOT to watch the fireworks. Go to Disney's the Boardwalk and park in the public parking area. Take the short walk to EPCOT's World Showcase and enter the park there. Take up your viewing position and after the show head back to The Boardwalk and pick up your car. Or take a stroll round The Boardwalk and have some Ice Cream from "Beaches & Cream" at The Beach Club.

  5. Soarin' is the latest attraction at EPCOT and it is advisable to get a fast pass as soon as you arrive at the park.

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