Orlando Florida Dining

Orlando & Florida dining is quite a bit different from the British and European way. Ok there are the McDonalds, Burger Kings and Pizza Huts like those we see every day in the OK but it is so much cheaper and better value. For example the Pizza Hut medium pizza in the US is about the same size as our large over here. Also all Pizza Hut store has coupons that give further reductions. Orlando is also packed with buffet style restaurants where you pay a set price and eat as much as you choose.

Fast food on the whole is very cheap in the US but even full service restaurants offer extremely good value. Many of them are chain restaurants such as Tony Romas that do excellent ribs and other American food.


Tex Mex style food with many locations in Florida, offer very good food at reasonable prices. Many with 2 for 1 drinks during "happy hour" which is most of the evening.


Fine Italian food in a great setting. Again there are quite a few of these restaurants in Florida with 3 in Orlando. Food here is a little more expensive than Chili's but well worth it.

Ming Court - I Drive:

Probably the best chinese food I have tasted. This restaurant is situated on International Drive, opposite Pointe Orlando. The food is excellent, the atmosphere is superb with authentic Chinese musicians playing background music.

A Guide to Tipping

In most of the places you will dine or drink, the servers and bar staff are all on low wages and rely on tips to make up their wage. This also encourages good service and indeed it does work. The service is far better than here in the UK. In fact it can be a little over the top. However, tipping is customary and in many places if the party is 6 or more it automatically gets added to the bill (check) So if you are in a large group ensure that it hasn't been added before you leave a tip. The reccommended amout is 15% - 20% of the total check. If the service has been poor then leave less than that.

In some places you can just pay your check at the main till and leave the tip on the table or you can give it to your server when they collect your money.

Here is a rough guide to what you should tip for service.



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