Orlando Florida Travel Tips: EPCOT

We have gathered together some travel tips for visiting Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida. If you wish to contribute any tips please contact us with your tip and we will credit you with it when we publish it.

  1. Expedition Everest is the latest attraction here and so the lines can be long. You will need to get a fast pass as soon as you can on entering the park or Choose the single rider line to get on quicker.

  2. When you are on your way to harambe Village, look out for a "hidden path" not many people know about this and it is hard to find, but will take you behind the Tree of life allowing for a close up look. It is open to the public and is great for taking photos. To get to it look for the last path on the Right just after the Tree of Life and before the bridge to Harambe Village.

  3. Fast passes may also be required for the Safari as this is one of the most poular rides in Animal Kingdom.

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