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Orlando and Miami are probably the two most well known cities in Florida but there is so much more to the sunshine state. Here, we will try and cover all parts of Florida but will be concentrating on the more popular destinations.

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Orlando Florida Climate:

The Climate in Florida is divided into three areas that differ from each other quite significantly. The North of Florida From around Ocala upwards can be quite cooler in the winter months with frosts and regular temperatures around the 50°F mark. Still warmer than Europe and the Northern Parts of the US and Canada though! Hence the reason so many "Snowbirds" head south for the colder months back home. The summer months produce hot days and and warm nights. Rainfall pretty much anytime of year.

Central Florida, South of Ocala and down past Orlando to around Fort Myers is a warmer with frosts less likely but possible. Hot summer days from June to the end of August yield temperatures in excess of 90°F (32°C) with humidity up to 100% making it feel hotter. Thundrstorms most days in the late afternoon or early evening with haevy rain only lasting a short while. Warm nights with the humidity still high.

South Florida Fort Myers and below. This area is close to the tropics, around 60 miles from the tip of Florida to the Tropic of Cancer and can be a few degrees warmer than Central Florida. Again hot summer days with warm to hot nights. Thunderstorms pretty much daily late afternoon or early evening.

The Florida Keys especially Key West has a very tropical feel to it.

Take a look at our Florida climate pages for more detailed information on the temperatures during different times of the year along with the monthly rainfall.

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